Rocky Mountain Solo CX

When it comes to Cyclocross Bikes or even “Adventure/Gravel” Bikes for that matter, I would say Rocky Mountain is probably one of the furthest of brands that come to mind. Generally known for amazing mountain bike design, you would be forgiven for not knowing to look at Rocky for a do it all drop bar bike.


At first glance, the Solo CX doesn’t look like anything particularly special. In reality, I always kind of thought it was a little bit ugly at first. That’s most likely why I constantly dismissed it as a boring bike. Once I gave it a bit of time for a proper look over though, my opinion came around pretty damn quick.


The build spec for the price is really what got my attention while looking it over. Using a 10 Speed Tiagra, Shimano Hubs, Hayes Brakes, External BB, and an impressive amount of braze on’s makes this one incredibly capable dirt touring machine that deserves more attention. Especially at $1149.00 CAD. That’s a surprisingly low price for how well equipped this bike is. No wonder they are pretty well sold out.


While the Rocky Mountain website claims that this is a Cyclocross bike, that steel fork with rack mounts just automatically screams adventure tourer to me. As I continue to look at this thing and imagine the fun that could be had for so little, it’s beginning to be one of the most attractive bikes on my “need to ride” list.


Check the gallery below for more of my photos, and be sure to check out the Rocky Mountain Website or visit your local dealer and buy one before they gone.

What do you think? Is there any other bikes that compare for that kind of price in CAD?

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